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Currie’s primary specialty is teaching men how to overcome their fear of being rejected by women, how to overcome their fear of receiving adverse reactions and/or harsh, subjective criticisms from women, how to recognize women’s body language signals of interest and disinterest, and how men can train and regulate the tone and overall quality of their voice to use “erotic dirty talk” to arouse and verbally seduce women.

Alan's 'no-bull' approach helped expose in me a network of self deceptions and fears that were very carefully inter-woven...so, then read on to discover how you can be part of a revolutionary new program dedicated to • You had enough passive income automatically arriving into your bank account every month, so you could travel as much as you want, only working as many (or as few) hours a week as you feel like to keep your various businesses ticking along Now, since you couldn't actually experience the event with us, we sat down and did everything we could to make this package as transformative and results-oriented as possible.So number one: you get the entire event, all 21 hours of footage from all 3 days, on crystal clear HD, inside the members area.Affiliation: Sasha Daygame Website: Sasha began his humble beginnings in the field of the pick up by serving as one of the first wingmen to Mr. His natural charm that has led to a wildly successful in comedy has helped him perfect his day game, and he learned the art of the pickup not by studying books but by pounding the streets of London and literally talking to thousands of women in order to develop his own unique system in the game. Having learned from one of the masters himself, he is now one of the most successful PUA’s and dating coaches today.

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