Who is jennifer aniston dating may 2016

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Brad Pitt “told Angelina that it had been two months since Jen’s mom, Nancy, died and he wanted to see how she was doing,” a source told the magazine, according to a report by In response, the insider claimed, “[Angelina Jolie] accused Brad of sneaking behind her back with Jen and yelled that he’d ruined all their new plans for the future.

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“It was their first moment in months without the kids or staff around,” a source told the magazine.“She was furious they’d reunited.” Jennifer Aniston and Brad Pitt began dating in 1998 as the actress starred on and in 2000, they tied the knot.Although the couple was once thought of as a rare marital success, their relationship came crashing down in 2005 amid allegations of a Pitt-Jolie affair.“Angie thought a good one-on-one conversation would enable them to finally catch up on their lives.Then, Brad casually mentioned that he’d reached out to [Jennifer Aniston] to send his sympathy after her mom passed away in May.

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