Super junior members dating

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Currently the emcee on , the Super Junior member still stands his ground as one of the most popular variety show hosts in the Korean entertainment scene.

As he celebrates his 12th year in the industry, we take a look at 10 moments where his “poison tongue” personality truly shone.

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Today I'm going to talk about an upsetting topic (even for me) but yeah I wanted to talk about it since probably a year ago and also I just read an article that convinced me it was time. But now that we established that they can date, do they really date? And let me explain you how I came to this conclusion ^^ let's gooooooo♡But before we do so, little disclaimer: I do not mean to offend anyone, hurt anyone's feeling or whatsoever.

On July 18, Donghae and the cast of Channel A’s Ms. Porcupine held a press conference in Paju, Gyeonggi, where he talked about his feelings when he found out about Son Eun Seo dating actor Choi Jin Hyuk.

Donghae and and Son Eun Seo were paired up momentarily on MBC’s We Got Married, where they first started off awkward but then hit it off well. When asked about how he felt, Donghae replied, “After seeing the news articles, I felt betrayal, but I thought the two matched each other well, so I gave them my blessings.” “Son Eun Seo told me that she never thought of Donghae as a man,” added Choi Jin Hyuk, “I thought she would be surprised when I told her that Donghae and I would be in the same drama together, but she didn’t show any response.” Choi Jin Hyuk also said that he felt a bit uncomfortable watching Donghae and Son Eun Seo together on We Got Married. Porcupine is a story about a prickly patissier (Donghae) who falls in love with an easy-going and mild-mannered cake shop owner (Yoon Seung Ah). Photo Credit: Kim Byung Kwan, Hea Jung Min Any copying, republication or redistribution of Mwave's content other than for personal uses is expressly prohibited Without prior permission from Mwave.

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When he asked to clarify the rumor, he honestly admitted that he indeed used to date an idol group member that happened to be Hong Jon Young's best friend.

M&D also stand for their hometowns#6HEECHUL doesn't cry easily so when's he criesthat's means he feels very sad only cried 3 times frond of fans2sd: when eunhyuk given to him lyrics lines for they album even that is even only 4 second and telling him to not left the group and stay(it was once time heechul voice accidentally cracked due the live performance during "U" period and anti fan start a war against him telling that he can't sing and he had to quit from the and he thought he have to quit because embarrassed the suju members )3rd :the last stage with donghae eunhyuk and siwon before enlisted to military#7Heechul likes to talk weird English but actually he knows proper English and he have a diploma studies of "computer data analyst in English minor" on university#8HEECHUL thinks that he looks most sexy when he wears pajamas#9Heechul is the most terrifying , evil(the second one is kyuhyun)and psycho member according to super junior#10He knows every girls groups dance and song among the members#11He is a big fan of Disney animation movies (like frozen.

Cinderella ) and anime#12In charity event for "make a wish korea" he dress like Anna from frozen because one kid wish is to see Anna and Elsa.#1Yesung hates to eat ramen and noodles#2Yesung had to be in hospital after he collapsed after running for charity marathon he runs 75km#3Yesung has a weird habit which is to touch others members philtrum#4The name "Yesung" means "an art like a voice"which really suits him and also means "yes sex"#5Yesung and his brother have opened many cafes such "Babtols" "Hansel and Gretel"(this two he closed ) and also "Mouse Rabbit coffee cafe" and recently he open a second "Mouse Rabbit coffee "which is underground cafe bar#6Yesung enlisted for his military service on May 6 of 2013 causing him to not take part in the south America leg of super show 5 he take part the opening concept of ss5 in Seoul#7Yesung hands are really small compered to other super junior is like a girl hands#8Yesung always forget to take his towel to the bathroom when he wants to shower#9In 2001 Yesung mother send a online application for audition without his knowledge and then tricked him to go to Seoul with her supposedly to visit her relatives and her friends#10Yesung sing the most OST from all the super junior members that makes him the "King of OSTs "#11Yesung has higher number of fans among the super junior in japan#12Yesung is the only member who didn't do a cross dressings(dress like girl) on stage or varieties shows he do it only once on the last stage of K. Y concept in Japan 2015 with ryeowook and Kyuhyun#1In high school kangin once received a love letter confession from a guy#2The name "kangin" which means "as strong but nice person " give to him because it suits his personality#3when kangin was active in television appearances and hosting around 2005-2009 kangin earned the high salary in super junior#4kangin made his first pre-debut appearance in the SBS drama "A man-A woman" on May 2002 in age of 17#5kangin Chinese name is qiang ten#6Kangin love kids but kids are scared of him#7Kangin is known as super junior father and leeteuk is his wife#8Kangin Reallycares about legs and his ideal girl is someone who has pretty legs (without any cosmetic surgery )#1When Shindong is on diet he talks about food in his sleep#2Shandong likes making code and he had once made codes in super junior 4th album "Bonamana" "thanks to" section which are meant to be a proposal to his ex-girfriend#3Shindong use his stage name because his birth name ( Shin Dong-hee) sounds similar with Donghae name#4his stage name means "prodigy"Shindong' is derived from his surname(Shin) and the first character of his birth name,(dong) meaning "child prodigy".#5Shindong was supposed to enlist into the military on November 25 2014 but it had been delayed until 2015 due to a back problem#6Shindong was confirmed to be dating model Kang shi nae on April 2014#7Shindond is known as super junior moodmaket#8Shindong has a special ability which he can balance all kinds of things on one hand#1besides being an expert in karate sungmin is also an expert in boxing and taerkwondo#2Sungmin always wears golden ring on his picking finger since he was little as a lucky charm#3Sungmin father is the CEO of two companies "Send Bill" and "Network Mania"#4Sungmin confirmed that he was dating actress Kim sa-Eum on September 24 2014 and they got married on December 13 2014 in a private wedding make him the first member who gets married#5Sungmin is the second most active in musical theaters among super junior members#6Sungmin first kiss is with close friend eunhyuk#7Sungmin aegyo is natural so if anyone asks him to do aegyo he can't do it and his best know as "King of aegyo"#1Eunhyuk has the brightest smile in super junior#2Because eunhyuk is skinny he received a nickname "anchovy"#3.

But sometimes we learn about the relationship when it has actually been going on for years.

so imagine the betrayal Donghae felt when he found out she was dating someone else.

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