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Perfect spots or places to propose marriage with Japanese expressions are romantic venues such as restaurants, parks, beaches or tourists spots with beautiful greens.

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Choosing a special date to propose marriage with Japanese expression is just as important.

This may sound like something from a love song, but there’s plenty of truth in that. It can be a raw fish or boar meat garnished with spices and herbal leaves.

Women generally like to be flattered, but don’t overdo it because they can tell if you are telling the truth or not (at least most of them do).

Tsugi wa doko e ikou ka means “Where should we go next? Tea has been very good for relaxing and has beneficial health effects.

After your fine dining, you can ask your date to see a movie. ” You can both enjoy a Japanese film with subtitle in English or an American film with subtitle in Japanese language. Use this phrase if you want to solicit the opinion of your date regarding the next place you will go to. Japanese people are also known for their love of drinking warm tea. This is a very nice gesture for guys which will definitely add to your love points. This phrase means “I do not want to go home.” Saying this dating phrase can also mean that you are having a great time.

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