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My question is, how do you troubleshoot your box to make SURE you are not brodcasting anything out of it you don't want to.I use zone alarm for my fire wall, AVG antivirus, and NFR Back Officer which rarely ever does anything but smile at me.The reason i ask this question is because when i am booting the puter i will get ghostflashes from behind the Winxp logo as it is loading and at other times.I also will get a random soft (barely audible) booop sound from my box from time to time.But as strange as your situation may be, it's going to get a whole lot stranger before it's done, and Back Door Door 1: The Call, the first chapter in Solar Vagrant's new adventure game series, has a whole lot of tricks up its sleeve beyond its sneaky puzzles, escape-like premise, and retro-tastic premise that's chock full of references.

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Backdoors can range from a single line of code to lengthy files that provide the hacker the equivalent of a Control Panel on your site.

Sometimes its just 1 BOOOP, and others its Booop....booooop.....booop...then it stops.

If nothing else can someone point me to a good tutorial for this subject, as i have no wish to waste anyones time...

By default, it stops unsigned applications from unidentified developers from running.

Here is the meat and potatos of my system 1.1Gig Athlon Asus board, 256 ram, connect to a home network through a netgear router which has bellsouth dsl Pipeing through it.

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