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However, the jury is still out on whether VR porn will really take off, and some of IBTimes UK's journalists found the experience intensely creepy.

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If you’re looking to record conversations between a number of people, lay down a track from either an instrument or a computer, or make your own podcast or radio show, then a standalone microphone is best. Audio-Technica AT2020: £125, uk The USB version of Audio-Technica’s well-loved microphone, this is a versatile piece of kit.

But if you want a new microphone for video chat or playing games, then a headset works better. Its wide frequency response means that it can pick up high and low sounds with huge clarity and its rugged construction makes it a solid portable option. Apogee Mi C 96K: £189, uk Sending out super-high-quality sound, this is a perfect way to record anything you need to, quickly, and is clever and well built to ensure that it’ll always sound great.

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It's probably enough for video chats or occasionally sending off messages, but if you’re looking to do anything more or regular, getting something devoted can make all the difference.In any case you have come to the right address, as we can offer you a great selection of the best free online games that can be played right away.We care about our guests and make every effort to provide as many interesting and popular online games, as possible.Endless runners are already addictive but when you add a catchy tune like this game does you have a winning and dangerous combination.Though owning a high-end gaming PC is certainly an enjoyable way to play great games, these days it's not entirely necessary.

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